In July, TAP hosted a statewide one-day TAP retreat in Bloomington, Illinois. We convened in a conference hotel with approximately 30 attendees in person and 20 via Zoom. Our objective was to offer an opportunity for TAP partners to collaborate and connect in a safe environment and have a chance to network amongst each other. The agenda allowed partners to openly share their experiences over the past year, share highlights and obstacles they have faced throughout the Covid pandemic.

We covered issues such as: the Periodic Fiscal Performance Report (PFR), upcoming fiscal audits from a 3rd party vendor, and annual onsite monitoring.

Hope communications & marketing presented on ways they can support the partners in the upcoming year, there was an overwhelming response by the partners for this level of support. In the afternoon we broke into small working groups to address specific issues of concern with Signify, clinical deliverables, and one-on-one partner advising.