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As the largest, comprehensive statewide program in the country dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families, TAP provides a variety of resources and services.  As a collaboration of local agencies, TAP is able to offer services that respond to the unique needs of different communities across Illinois.

Click on each service below for a listing of TAP service providers/locations offering each service. You may also visit our referral portal HERE to generate an automatic referral to the agency nearest to you.  

Screening and Diagnostics

Professionals utilize ASD-specific and general developmental measures, as well as information collected from parents and teachers, to screen children for the possibility of ASD or other developmental delays. When a screening indicates the need for further evaluation, a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation is ordered. Overseen by a clinical psychologist or physician with specialized experience in developmental disabilities and ASD, the specifics of the evaluation will be based on the needs of your child.

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy:

ABA therapy is the only evidence based, scientifically proven therapy benefiting children with ASD. Through data collection and analysis, practitioners of ABA can identify the purpose or function of behavior to determine and implement appropriate treatment procedures. Principles of ABA, such as positive reinforcement and shaping, EDCare used to teach a myriad of socially significant behaviors and skills. 

Social Skills Groups

Children with ASD often face challenges in everyday interactions with others. Social skills groups help children learn the social rules we typically take for granted, and develop a greater level of comfort in communicating with others. Groups vary in length, and are typically age- and gender-specific.

Support Groups

Parents and siblings can often benefit from the reassurance of knowing that others are facing many of the same challenges; hearing of others’ approaches and successes often provide new ideas to consider. Many TAP Service Network Partners host Parent Support Groups and Sibling Support Groups throughout the year. Agencies can also point you in the direction of different support groups operating outside of TAP in their service areas. In addition, most Partners offer an educational workshop for parents whose children have been newly diagnosed with an ASD.

Family Services

Even though only one child in a family may be diagnosed with ASD, the entire family is affected. Trained professionals can provide family treatment, consultation, and specialized resources and supports to address your concerns.

Family and Community Resource Rooms (FCRRs)

FCRR’s are available FREE to the public and  have available a variety of resources and supplemental materials on autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Resources range from informational brochures, books, videos, tip sheets, and visual aids in addition to developmntally appropriate and interactive games and toys. Trained staff are also available to assist you in finding the resources that will be most helpful to you, and can provide assistance in developing visuals tools designed to meet your needs.

Training Programs

TAP offers a number of training programs through our Partners and the Central Office.  Programs are available for parents and caregivers, educators, Early Intervention professionals, First Responders, day care providers, and others who work with individuals with ASD.  In many cases, trainings and workshops can be customized for the audience or to fit within a specific timeframe.  To view current training/workshops click HERE.

You can read our most recent Annual Report HERE.

Services available vary by Partner, and are based on community needs.  Click HERE (portal not complete yet) to visit our referral portal and to generate an automatic referral to the agency nearest to you. 

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The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP) Service Network is a collaboration of 5 universities and 9 organizations that together operate 19 centers across the state. As a network, TAP is able to offer services that respond to the unique needs of different communities across Illinois.


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