Autism Treatment/Therapy


Research shows that early diagnosis and appropriate evidence-based autism interventions offer a child diagnosed on the autism spectrum the best opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. Services are based upon a child’s individual needs and may include behavioral therapy, individual therapy, or group interventions as well as other services to help a child communicate, interact with others, and develop independent living skills.

Evidence-based interventions are those that have undergone rigorous research and review, have been replicated and have consistently demonstrated positive outcomes for children, youth, and/or young adults with autism. Some evidence-based autism interventions include: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA therapy), Cognitive Behavioral Intervention, Speech/Language Therapy, Social Skills Training and Visual Supports. TAP partners provide evidence-based autism treatment/therapy that addresses a child’s unique strengths and challenges.

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About us

The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP) Service Network is a collaboration of 5 universities and 10 organizations that together operate 20 centers across the state. As a network, TAP is able to offer services that respond to the unique needs of different communities across Illinois.


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